NDP’s Jagmeet Singh open to coalition with other parties if Tories win most seats without majority

The Canadian Politician – With the elections only seven days away, federal party leaders are assessing the chances of their parties in winning a majority seat in the 338-seat parliament. To this end, the NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, whose party is solidly in third place in almost all polling, has vowed to forge coalition with other parties, notably the Liberals if the Conservatives win the most seats without reaching the statutory number of 170 seats to claim the majority. Singh who appeared resolute stated that he would not support a Conservative government.

He said in BC where he was campaigning on Sunday, “We’re going to fight a Conservative government, gonna fight it all the way, so we’re ready to do whatever it takes.” With this statement, Singh appeared to have conceded the elections and is seeking for ways for his party to remain relevant and be part of the power structure in parliament. This declaration also marks the first time an NDP leader has indicated a willingness before the election to join forces with other parties to prevent a Conservative government.

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