Trudeau 90 minutes late for Ontario campaign rally amid security concern

The Canadian Politician – It was an unusual sight for Liberal Party supporters in Mississauga on Saturday when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared in protective vest at a campaign rally due to an unspecified security threat. Trudeau arrived 90 minutes late for his rally and was walled off by security officers as he revved the audience in a half hour speech. His wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, was billed to introduced him to the teaming and eager supporters, but she did not come on stage presumably due to the same security concern.

As the rally roared on with about 2,000 supporters, RCMP officers in plain clothes, primarily charged with the prime minister’s security could be seen on stage to ensure his safety as he shook hands with supporters. There has been no statement or clarification by the Liberal Party as to the nature of the threat as of press time.

Trudeau is in a tight race with the Conservatives as voting draws closer. Early voting has started across the country and will culminate on October 21 when Canadians will either reelect Trudeau for another four years or usher in a new government.

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