Doug Ford government broke the law in the cap-and-trade cut, says court

The Canadian Politician – It was not the outcome nor the publicity Doug Ford and his government were looking for after an Ontario court determined that his government broke the law when it decided to cancel cap-and-trade programs without the benefit of public consultation. The case that was brought by environmentalist groups Ecojustice and Greenpeace was thrown out with a declaration that the Ford government acted unlawfully in its unilateral decision to cancel the program.

While this conclusion was a moral victory for Ecojustice and Greenpeace, the fact remains that the Ford government will not be asked to reverse course as the cancellation remains in effect. This was not the result that was sought by Ecojustice and Greenpeace which would have liked the courts to force the provincial government to reinstate the program. However, the groups take solace in the fact that the Ford government has been put on notice that it cannot take unilateral decisions on programs and initiatives that impact Ontarians.

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