2019 Elections: Canadians living abroad may make the difference in a tight race

Parliament Building with Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa,Canada

The Canadian Politician – With the election a virtual tie between the Tories and the Liberals, the number of Canadians registered abroad could make the difference in the October 21 federal elections. The number put out by Elections Canada is staggering and represents a significant increase of almost 300% from four years ago. That number is now 44,843. Four years ago, it was just 15, 603. Canadians living abroad can now exercise their constitutional right to vote and this election represents the first time Diaspora Canadians can vote following a Supreme Court ruling at the beginning of the year.

It is unclear as to the party breakdown of those registered to vote abroad, but in all likelihood, the staggering number might make a difference in many ridings across the country and may move the needle in favour of the Tories or the Liberals. Canadians have started voting this week in early ballot that concludes on October 21.

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