Trudeau, first party leader to campaign in Nunavut

The Canadian Politician – Nunavut is usually not on the map for federal candidates vying for the leadership of the country in the upcoming elections. But prime minister Justin Trudeau today became the first among the six candidates to campaign in the territory that was formed in 1999. Speaking in the capital, Iqaluit, The Quebec MP stated, “In August, I announced nearly $300 million in funding for social and community housing projects across Nunavut.” Nunavut has a myriad of social issues plaguing it not the least of which is affordable housing for its 30,000 residents. Thus, the funding provided by the Trudeau government would go a long way to ease the problem and ensure a stable and affordable housing market. Trudeau’s visit to the north is coming after a host of Liberal s government officials and MPs have visited the territory leading up to the elections.

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