Toronto viewers give Tory leader Andrew Scheer the victory in first and last English debate

In the first and last English language debate held in Québec on Monday, viewers in Toronto believe that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer emerged the winner with his arguments and responses to the other candidates, especially to Trudeau. Viewers were taken in by Scheer’s responses on the environment, taxes and the economy.

One viewer referenced Scheer’s response to Trudeau when the PM kept referencing Doug Ford, the Ontario premier, whereas he should be focusing on federal politics. Scheer told Trudeau that he could run for the vacant Ontario Liberal Party position since he is so interested in provincial politics. This drew a response from the audience. The first debate with six candidates in the country’s political history was filled with fireworks, constant interruptions and wide contradictions as expected given that the election is just two weeks away.

The Green Party candidate, Elizabeth May’s response on indigenous policies won the hearts of a majority of the 24 undecided voters that spoke with The Canadian Politician. People’s Party candidate Maxime Bernier was questioned on his tweets on immigration stating that too many immigrants are allowed in, a policy that creates ‘ghettos’ and ‘tribes.’ Both Singh and May expressed disappointment at Bernier’s anti-immigration tweets with May calling them “appalling.”

To the viewers, the prime minister appeared not to be able to properly articulate his party’s achievements in the last four years as he was attacked consistently by both May and Scheer on the Liberal government policies. On the environment, Scheer attacked Trudeau for having two campaign planes to canvass the country that adversely impact the environment, in stark contrast to his position of reducing human impact on the environment. Trudeau countered that he has carbon offsets for both planes and accused Scheer of not getting carbon offsets for his plane. Scheer responded by stating that he has only one plane.

A majority (14) of the 24 undecided voters in the viewing location said they would vote for the Tories based on tonight’s performance. They believed that Sheer was more convincing of all the candidates. Five indicated they would vote Libéral. Three declared their vote for the NDP. Two stated they would vote for the Green Party. Canadians will vote on Oct. 21. 

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