Jagmeet Singh promises up to $5,000 rent subsidies if elected into office

The Canadian Politician – The housing saga is the focus of the NDP leader Jagmeet Singh who stated that his party will provide what he termed as “rent subsidies” to struggling families if elected into office. The subsidies which will be maxed at $5,000 per year will benefit 500,000 Canadian families struggling to meet their rent obligations according to the candidate. The cost of this initiative will be staggering to the tune of $1.35 billion annually billed to the federal government and an additional $450 million to be paid by the provinces.

Singh stated while campaigning in BC – “This will make the difference for families that are unable to pay their bills, for families that are making a tough choice between do they pay for their groceries or do they pay rent.” He continued, “These are difficult choices that families are making — far too difficult for far too many families — and we’ll put an end to that.” Singh’s party is playing the catch-up game in recent polls at distant third to the Liberals and Conservatives.

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