Justin Trudeau solicits Nigerian’s backing for re-election

Oladimeji Ramon

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has pleaded for the support of a Canadian-based Nigerian media executive, Chief Olufemi Shodunke, towards his second-term ambition.

Shodunke, who publishes GatewayMail, is the immediate-past President of Olumo Progressive Association Canada Inc, and currently the Public Relations Officer of Egba National Association USA and Canada.

“This is an important election – and we need your support to earn another mandate,” a statement on Monday quoted Trudeau to have told Shodunke in a mail.

“This is it, Olufemi. The campaign begins now and we need you with us. Please give today to help us run a strong campaign, protect our progress, and earn another mandate from Canadians on October 21st.”

“The 2019 election campaign starts today, Olufemi – and I’m so grateful to count you as a part of this movement.

“We’ve got an important choice to make on October 21st, and all of our work between now and then is about the kind of future we want to build together.

“Do we go back to the politics of the Harper years, or keep moving forward and build on the progress we’ve made together? I’m for moving forward, for everyone – and I’m counting on your hope and hard work as we start out on this new campaign,” Trudeau reportedly wrote.


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