Candidates spar in first debate without Trudeau

The Canadian Politician – The Thursday night debate of the major candidates for the federal elections slated for October was all that was expected and more. Though Trudeau, the sitting prime minister, was not part of the square-off, it by no means lacked substance and fireworks. The debate was mainly focused on foreign affairs such as Canada’s icy relationship with China over the arrest and impending extradiction of Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the founder of Huawei, Chinese tech giant.

The debate also focused on Canada-US relations under maverick president Donald Trump as well as the candidates’ position on the seemingly interminable Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Expected subjects such as the secularism mainly in Quebec and pipeline, both burning local issues were hardly discussed in favour of foreign policy issues. Party leaders berated the prime minister for skipping the debate, suggesting he was unserious about issues Canadians care about. The prime minister was in Quebec drumming up support for his candidacy.

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