Maxime Bernier says Liberals putting “Canada on the road to destruction” with ‘extreme multiculturalism”

The Canadian Politician – If Maxime Bernier leader of the People’s Party has his way, the annual immigration levels will be lowered to pre 1986 numbers of between 100,000 and 150,000 the party leader stated in a speech on Wednesday. The MP stated that too many immigrants is leading to what he called “extreme multiculturalism” which he attributed to Prime Minister Trudeau’s faulty immigration policies.

In the speech given in Mississauga, the MP noted how immigration is likely to destroy the country or as he put it, “putting Canada on the road to destruction.” The MP made a lot of promises should his party gain control of government in the fall elections. He noted that he would ensure that immigrants that come to Canada share Canadian values and would withdraw the country from the UN Global Pact for migration which was recently signed by Immigration minister, Ahmed Hussein in Morocco.

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