Ontario asks Trudeau for more funding to cover refugee related costs

The Canadian Politician – Ontario’s government is asking the federal government for more funding to cover refugee-related costs, but appears not to be getting anywhere with the request. The province’s new attorney-general, Doug Downey, who was appointed in June says he has requested the federal justice minister, David Lametti and finance minister Bill Morneau, to respond to the funding crisis, but has not heard from either men.

A frustrated Mr. Downey has decided to sidestep the ministers and has made direct contact with the prime minister requesting his government to cover a shortfall of $25 million. The justice department however, stated that the allocation formula for each province was agreed to by all provinces and the federal government in other words, stating that the province is adequately funded and should not be requesting more funds.

Since Mr. Trudeau posted a tweet encouraging refugees to come to Canada in January 2017, Ontario in particular has seen a significant spike of about 160% in refugees coming across its borders. In a bid to cut cost, the Doug Ford Conservative government has reduced funding for Legal Aid services that serve refugees and those unable to afford legal representation.

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