Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, wants a minority government to influence climate change policies

The Canadian Politician – Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader, has her hopes set on a minority government in the fall. This according to her, will enable the Green Party to have some influence in the affairs of government. May hopes that such influence could make the difference in the Tories’ opposition to the carbon tax initiative that may make them exchange their opposition for the opportunity to govern. She stated, “People change their minds when they see the dynamic of a way a Parliament is assembled and maybe think, ‘Killing carbon taxes isn’t such a good idea if the only way I get to be prime minister is by keeping them.”

May is open to aligning with any of the two major parties to further the party’s progressive position on climate change. She stated, “We will negotiate with anyone, we will talk to everyone, but we won’t compromise on climate action.” Currently, the Green Party has no seats in the Senate and only two seats (out of 338) in the House of Commons.

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