Federal government fights class action suit against the RCMP over bullying and intimidation

The Canadian Politician – If the federal government has its way, it will make away with the proposed class-action suit against the federal police, the RCMP, for bullying and intimidating its members. The federal government believes that the Mounties have made significant improvement in its sexual harassment policies making the lawsuit unnecessary.

The federal government in its argument noted that the suit should not be certified. It stated, “This motion is not about whether there is, or has been a harassment problem in the RCMP, or even whether the RCMP leadership has appropriately responded to the problem. It further noted, “The sole question is whether the proposed claims ought to proceed through the vehicle of a class action. The proposed action fails to satisfy even the law threshold for certification.”

The case alleges that the RCMP’s leadership encouraged and condoned bullying and harassment of some of its members who worked for the force in a variety of roles in the last several years. The suit was initiated by Geoffery Greenwood and Todd Gray, both of Alberta.

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