Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, wants Ottawa to hold off on Carbon tax imposition set for April 1 until Court decides

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe shares remarks during the 2018 Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa on Friday, February 9, 2018. iPolitics/Matthew Usherwood

The Canadian Politician (Toronto) – Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, indicated that he would not have a chance to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had his visit to Regina on Tuesday not been cancelled. The premier would like a chance to discuss with Trudeau the need for his government to hold off on the carbon tax kick off set for April 1, amongst other pressing issues such as Bill C-69 that deals with energy reform. The Court of Appeal in the province is hearing the case and is yet to decide.

The province argues that Ottawa doesn’t have the authority to impose such a tax given the sovereignty of provinces and the fact that there will be inequality in the application of the taxes across all jurisdictions. Ottawa contends that since climate change is not just a local issue, but a national and global issue, it falls within its jurisdiction to impose such a tax. Saskatchewan along with Ontario are at loggerheads with Ottawa on the imposition of the tax.

Premier Moe stated, “I would ask again for the federal government to hold off and allow the court some time with respect to making their decision with the reference that we put in front of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal,” he said.

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