Gerald Butts writes Justice Committee requesting to appear

The Canadian Politician (Toronto) – Gerry Butts, who only ten days ago resigned as Trudeau’s principal secretary, has written to Anthony Housefather who is the Chairman of the Justice and Human Rights Committee requesting to appear before the committee. Butts indicated in his undated letter seen by The Canadian Politician that he believes he has evidence relating to the on-going scandal involving SNC-Lavalin that would be material to the committee. Butts’ letter to Housefather came after watching Jody Wilson-Raybould testify before the committee where she provided stunning details of pressure mounted on her by the prime minister’s office to soft pedal on the prosecution of the engineering company, SNC-Lavalin.

The company is charged with bribing officials in Libyan to gain access to lucrative government contracts. Butts stated in his letter, “I watched the testimony of The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould. I believe my testimony will be of assistance to the Justice and Human Rights Committee in its consideration of these matters.”

Butts had earlier said after the Globe and Mail report came out that nothing improper occurred in the prime minister office’s communication with Wilson-Raybould as justice minister on the matter. However, the timing of his resignation has raised more questions and has done very little to stem the deepening controversy that took a new dimension with yesterday’s testimony. There was no indication at press time if the committee would invite Butts.

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