SNC- Lavalin Scandal: Justin Trudeau has “Lost the moral authority” to govern, says Andrew Scheer

The Canadian Politician (Toronto) –In the wake of today’s testimony by former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould about the pressure exerted on her and her office in the prosecution of Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin, Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer, has called on Prime Minister Trudeau to resign. Speaking to reporters in Ottawa, Scheer said that Trudeau has “lost the moral authority to govern” and should do the right thing and resign. He said, “Justin Trudeau cannot continue to govern this country now that Canadians know what he has done. That is why I am calling on Mr. Justin Trudeau to do the right thing and to resign. He continued, “Further, the RCMP must immediately open an investigation if it has not already done so into the numerous examples of obstruction of justice the former attorney general detailed in her testimony. The testimony Canadians have just heard from the former attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, tells the story of a prime minister who has lost the moral authority to govern.” 

Scheer talked about the prime minister’s inability to decipher where the Liberal Party ends and where the government of Canada begins. He noted that Canadian can now see that Wilson-Raybould was bullied by politicians for four months to soft pedal on the prosecution of the Liberal Party-friendly corporation. Scheer called out Trudeau for his inaction in the rise of “systemic culture of corruption to take root in his office.”  He concluded by advising the cabinet to find a way to move on without the prime minister.

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