NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wins bye election in Burnaby South, sets sights on Ottawa

The Canadian Politician (Toronto) – Jagmeet Singh, NDP national leader is on his way to Ottawa via Burnaby South, having won the bye election held Monday. The win in all likelihood will calm calls for him to step aside leading to the crucial fall elections. Singh had led his party from outside the House since taking the reins in 2017, and there were serious concerns among party insiders of his ability to rally support for NDP to win sufficient seats to form a majority government.

This win, however, gives him a lifeline to consolidate his position as a Member of Parliament on equal footing with his opponents, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and PC leader Andrew Scheer. It also gives him an opportunity to question the prime minister on policy and economic issues in real time.

While the victory will put Mr. Singh on a high temporarily, there is much work to be done to position the party, running a distance third in all national polls, for what will be a tough fight in the fall. The former Brampton-East representative in the Ontario legislature must begin to mend fences that were broken when he removed MP Erin Weir from caucus for alleged unacceptable conduct.

The decision has not been popular with NDP members in his home province, a crucial province of Saskatchewan with populous support for the party. It is hoped that this win will reposition Singh as a national leader, a formidable political foe, winning a riding as a parachute candidate to retain the seat once held by NDP kennedy Stewart, who resigned the position last year to contest for the mayor of Vancouver.

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