Judge orders Quebec to reinstate 18,000 immigrant applications

Parti Liberal Québécois (PLQ) supporters celebrate their party victory at the plaza theatre in Montreal April 6, 2014. Canada's Quebec province voted out a separatist government Monday, choosing a former neurosurgeon and his federalist Liberal party to lead a promised economic rally. François Laplante-Delagrave/AFP/Getty Images

The Canadian Politician (Toronto) –

A Superior Court Judge in Quebec has thrown out the proposal put forth by the Quebec government that disqualified 18,000 applications for permanent residence by skilled workers. The government had stated that the action would eliminate the backlog of applications that had proven unmanageable. The judge, Justice Frederic Bachand, however, gave a 10-day reprieve and ordered the government to reinstate the applications and continue processing. The judge’s ruling came after an association of immigration lawyers took the province to court to seek redress for what they deemed a grave injustice to would-be immigrants.

The association argued that the proposal was “completely illegal” with “devastating” consequences for those impacted by the decision. The proposal had called for the elimination of all pending applications that were submitted before August 2, 2018.  In reaction to the ruling, the province through its minister for immigration stated that the province will obey the outcome of the case and continue with the processing of the applications until Bill 9 that contains the proposal is passed into law.

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