At last, kind words for Trudeau from Larry Kudlow, Trump’s trade adviser

The Canadian Politician (Toronto) – Larry Kudlow, Trump’s trade representative who only last year berated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for standing up for Canadians in the tariff war with Washington, has heaped praises on him and Canada. The praises are coming Trudeau’s way is courtesy of Canada’s dogged stance on the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in spite of mounting pressure from Beijing to release the CFO of tech giant Huawei. Meng was arrested by the RCMP on December as she transited in Vancouver on her way to Mexico for holidays. Prime Minister Trudeau has refused all entreaties from China, and has indicated that the judicial process in Canada is independent of politics and cannot be tempered with.

Kudlow expressed his gratitude to the prime minister in Washington thanking him for assisting the United States in the case against Meng. He said, “That’s why I’m so I’m so proud of Prime Minister Trudeau for staying with the rule of law and assisting the United States. I’m very proud of him.” Contrary to President Trump suggesting that Meng could be used as a trade bargaining chip with the Chinese, Kudlow acknowledges that it is strictly a legal matter. He said, “Is it part of the overall trade landscape, if you will? Yes. But it’s principally a legal matter and not a trade matter.”

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