Premier Doug Ford wields the “big stick” in ongoing autism funding controversy- boots MPP from Conservative Caucus

The Canadian Politician (Toronto) – Ontario Premier Doug Ford, has wielded the “big stick” in the ongoing controversy about his administration’s new autism funding formula. The victim in latest round of never-ending agitation to improve the funding formula, is PC Member of Provincial Parliament, Randy Hillier. It was alleged that he made derogatory comments directed towards parents of autism children. The alleged offensive comments were “yada, yada, yada,” directed at parents who were in the legislative gallery where the controversial funding was expected to be discussed. The comment prompted the premier to immediate announce the indefinite suspension of Hillier from the Conservative caucus. Ford said, “I want to listen to every parent, and every family member who wants to share their stories and their asks,” Ford explained. He further stated, “…Mr. Hillier’s comments crossed the line and that is unacceptable.”

Hillier, however, denied his comments were directed at parents and stated they were instead meant for the opposition, NDP, part of the “banter” he noted. “I found the exploitation of these families by Members of the NDP Caucus disheartening,” Hillier said. “In my twelve years in office I do not recall any Member heckling a spectator in the gallery and all banter is always between Members on the floor of the House.”  In spite of claims that the comments were not directed at parents, Hillier found time to apologise to parents who were seated in the legislative gallery. He said, “They were not, and never would be.” It was not immediately clear when Hillier will be accepted back into the Conservative caucus. Legislative sources, however, informed The Canadian Politician that the issue of readmission into the “fold” is usually determined by members’ consensus. MPP randy Hillier represents the riding of Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston. He was elected in 2018 election.

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