The imperative of Burnaby South bye elections for Jagmeet Singh, NDP leader

The Canadian Politician (Toronto) – Anxiety is at its summit in the days leading to the parliamentary bye elections in Burnaby South, slated for February 25. Jagmeet Singh, the New Democratic Party (NDP) leader, is running against Liberal candidate Robert Lee, who has represented the riding in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for 16 years. Mr. Singh has left no stone unturn in his bid to represent the riding in Ottawa, a victory that would position him well to lead the new democrats into the contentious fall federal elections.

The importance of a victory in this election is by no means lost on the former member of Ontario parliament, who knows that he must win to retain the confidence of party insiders. Some have privately indicated that the bye election is a popularity test for Mr. Singh and anything short of victory will cast doubt on his ability to rally voters to the NDP course in the fall elections. Liberal candidate,

Robert Lee, is a late arrival to the campaign, having hurriedly replaced Karen Wang. Wang was forced to resigned as her racially insensitive tweet that referenced Mr. Singh’s Indian heritage in a bid to rally Chinese voters to her corner, was too grievous for the Liberal Party leadership to ignore.

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