Canada stays deportation of Haitians as violent protests continue

The Canadian Politician (Toronto) – The violence rocking Haiti has had ripple effects in the region including in faraway Canada where the Trudeau government has put a temporary halt to deportations of Haitians. There is no indication from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) how long the stay will take place. In the meantime, many Canadians in the country would have to fend for themselves as the Canadian embassy has been closed for several days, with Canadians having little or no support from embassy officials. A stranded Canadian, Katherine O’Neil, a nurse who hails from Montreal stated, “We didn’t receive an email, a phone call, a text message, nothing. What we would have appreciated was for them to reach out and say we’re closing, this is your contact person, they will be in touch with you, they will let you know how to proceed. But we didn’t receive that.” Prime Minister Trudeau, however, indicated that his government is doing what it can under the circumstances to keep Canadians looking to return home well informed.

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