Low-income Canadians don’t pay taxes – Trudeau

The Canadian Politician – (Toronto) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had to explain himself after responding to comments by Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre representing Carleton, Ontario that low-income Canadians cannot benefit from tax breaks because they do not pay taxes. Trudeau stated during questioning “We see proof that the Conservatives simply don’t understand that low-income families don’t benefit from tax breaks because they don’t pay taxes.” Trudeau’s controversial comments came after the Conservative MP slammed the Liberals for reversing the child fitness tax credit that was put in place by the Harper Conservative government.

Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer joined the fray by stating that Trudeau’s government also reversed the textbook credit mainly designed for students from low-income families. Scheer stated, “Does he believe there are no low-income students?” Scheer took further jabs at the prime minister noting that he grew up in wealth and therefore is completely out of touch with ordinary Canadians.

But the prime minister was quick to respond to the suggestion of indifference with Canadians by stating, “While we continue to stay focused on Canadians, Conservatives continue to stay focused on how I grew up.” By low-income Canadians not paying taxes, the prime minister must be referring to 40% of Canadians who do not pay effective income taxes. This is the group where the benefits received from the government far exceed the taxes paid, thus excluding them from any tax breaks that may be given to the 60% that presumably pay effective income tax.

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