Canada to welcome refugees from Libya, other African countries – Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister

The Canadian Politician – (Toronto) As part of Canada’s commitment to the United Nations Refugee Agency to resettle refugees fleeing war, terror and persecution in their home countries, the Trudeau government has started to resettle in Canada hundreds of former slaves who were once on the selling stage in Libya. Libya is currently awash with fortune seekers mostly from Sub-Saharan African countries seeking better life in Europe. For 150 of those migrants, their dream of settling in the West has come true with the Trudeau government taking them in with more expected to reach the shores of Canada in the next two years.

Reports also indicate that Canada intends to take in a small number of refugees from the landlocked country of Niger. Most of them having endure torture and all manner of inhuman treatments in the hand of Libyan warlords and slave masters. Immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen stated that Canada will extend refuge to those fleeing terror and that the country expects to resettle hundreds of Libyans.

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