Anger and concern at Ontario’s revamped program for austistic children

Minister Lisa Macleod

The Canadian Politician – The announcement by the Ontario government to revamp the autism program to achieve the desired efficiency is drawing condemnation and criticism from some quarters. The overhaul which is designed to reduce the enormous backlog of waiting children to the tune of 23,000 is seen by some critics to have grave consequences for the program impacting the quality of treatment as well as the amount spent. The revamped program will eliminate the middle agency of regional services with the government dealing directly with families of autistic children, this according to the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, Lisa MacLeod.

The minister indicated that the funding could range up to $140,000 per child based on age. Ages range from 2 to 18. According to the payment guidelines, children less than six will get funded annually up to $20,000. Afterwards, the child will receive $5,000 a year up to the age of 18. Critics have noted that this funding is insufficient especially when the child’s autism is severe and requires significant amount of funds to manage.

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